2012: The Year in Cake

The bear is a trademark of YeniFred, LLCFred here… as we start 2013, Yeni and I wanted to take a moment to thank you. We have been extremely fortunate to have received such amazing support, fantastic customers, and incredible opportunities.

We remain grateful every single day.

Yeni and I started Dream Day Cakes® shortly after getting married. It’s been a lot of work — more work than we expected — but that’s nothing to complain about.

The bottom line: We love what we do.

We’re extremely grateful and thankful to all of you for your support… and without further ado…

2012: The Year in Review

We had an incredible year, filled with fun cakes, exciting events, weddings, birthdays, road trips, and new faces. 2012 was bookmarked with weddings. =)

Our first cake of the year was a US Marine Corps Dress Blues Cover groom’s cake. Our last helped celebrate a new year and a new marriage.

Last year, we ended with a “top ten” list of our favorite cakes. This year, we couldn’t do it. We simply could not limit our favorites. We love all of the cakes that we’re asked to create… so this year we tried something different.

We asked, which was your favorite?

Our newsletter subscribers were sent a survey and we collected the responses. This year, we’ll have our favorite three… Yeni’s, your’s, and mine.

Beauty first… we’ll start with the Mrs.

Yeni’s Favorite Cake of 2012

Let me tell you this… not only was this a difficult question for Yeni, it was difficult for me to get the answer from Yeni. 😉

It was like asking her to choose a favorite child.

She went back and forth and honestly loved working on the cakes of 2012, that the decision caused her grief. Which she shared with me of course.

Yeni, after much struggle, chose… Steampunk. Three cakes in particular captured the steampunk feel this year… Frosty, the Robot Cake, and the Steampunk Hat.

Sir Frosty
Sir Frosty

This was the first year that Yeni has worked in the Steampunk genre, and she loved it. Pipes, gears, Victorian… this is a style that she embraced and loved working with.

Of course, a huge honorable mention goes to Uga: (since we can’t have real dogs at the bakery, Uga was one of Yeni’s favorite pets)

English Bulldog Cake
Eat me. I dare you.

Fred’s Pick

Fred Birthday Cake
The Fred

You would think this would be easy — you’d be wrong. Yeni made me an incredible birthday this year complete with my favorite pasta (in fondant) and an homage to The Godfather.

How could this cake not be my favorite?

Well, sometimes it’s not about the style of the cake as much as the reason.

This year, Yeni and I wouldn’t be able to make my Grandmother’s 100th birthday celebration due to scheduling issues. Long story short: Yeni had an amazing idea.

She created a simple, but elegant Almost 100th Birthday Cake on a weekend that we could drive to visit Grandma. We had a great visit and were able to spend a fantastic afternoon with my grandmother while enjoying a piece (or three) of cake.

My grandmother would pass away shortly before her birthday and that trip ended being the last time I would see her. It’s my favorite cake of the year.

Your Favorite Cake of 2012

We put it to a survey… and let you decide your favorite cake of the year. The votes came in from across the world and without further delay… your favorite cake of 2012 is… Oh, the Places You’ll Go:

places you will go cake
Oh, the places you’ll go.

Honorable mentions to the Frosty cake, the Christmas Tree cake, and the Thing 1 & 2.

Highlights from 2012

We had an incredible year. It was both the year of Steampunk and the year of Dr. Seuss. Some of our highlights include:

  • Charitable Work
    We were honored to participate in Puttin on the Ritz, Taste of Home, Kick-off to a Cure, Stop Children’s Cancer, The Fischer House, The Hippodrome, Nights for Tikes, and more.
  • Press Features
    Who doesn’t love seeing their name in print? =)We were extremely excited to be featured in Half Baked, The Cake Blog (for the cakes of Christmas, Whimsical Halloween Cake, Thing 1 & 2 Cake, the Robot Birthday Cake, and the Lalaloopsy Birthday Cake). We love the work Carrie does on The Cake Blog. It’s required reading.The Gainesville Sun ran an awesome feature on Yeni and Dream Day Cakes.We were one of three bakeries from Florida featured in Cake Central‘s Cakes Across America.We were also featured in Wedding Illustrated, Style Me Pretty, Our Town, Home Magazine, Square, and more.
  • Product Launches
    Two product launches this year: Bearkery Signature Cookie and the Big Fred Cookie.

Look Out 2013!

We’ve got huge plans for 2013 and look forward to sharing with you as the year progresses.

As always, Yeni and I are truly thankful for your support and we continue to work on creating amazing products from ingredients you can pronounce. =)

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