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About Us
Dream Day Cakes® custom creates beautifully unique cake creations for client celebrations.
Cake Artist Yeni Monroy started this Gainesville, Florida bakery (or cakery) out of her passion and love of baking and art.

From weddings to birthdays, special occasions to surprise events, Dream Day Cakes not only look great– they taste fantastic, too. =) From their fully licensed bakery, Dream Day Cakes specializes in making the perfect cake to help celebrate your event. With a motto of “Every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes,” Dream Day Cakes® believes that each of their fondant covered speciality cakes should not only taste great, but be unique to the event.

For more information, please call 352-336-8955. If you’re in the Gainesville area, please visit the bakery, located at 6352 NW 18th Dr #3, Gainesville, Florida 32653. For a map and email, please visit the contact us page.

About the Baker / Artist

It’s difficult to give Yeni (pronounced Jenny) Monroy a title. Is she a Cake Artist? Do we call her Baker? Whatever the title, Yeni Monroy pours passion into all she touches. Although she initially studied and worked as a Microbiologist, Yeni recently decided to put her scientific pursuits on the back burner — focusing instead on her lifelong passion of baking.

As a young girl, Yeni trained with a talented master — her Grandmother. Learning the ropes in the kitchen, Yeni learned that baking treats would bring smiles to both her family and herself. She loved the instant feedback (as well as eating her hard work).

I started my adventure with cakes after my husband surprised me with an awesome, tasty, fondant covered cake for our wedding from Cake Nouveau in Michigan. That cake reignited something within me and soon I was baking Christmas cakes for my family. I approached baking as a Scientist… looking for that perfect blend of taste and art.Now cakes are “My Life.” I love what I do. I’ve even gotten to take a class from Courtney Clark, the very chef that inspired me to change careers. As a child, I used to say I wanted to help people and make them happy…I’ve now found a way to make people smile. It’s like I get to be a part of the celebration!

Incidentally, if you are near Ann Arbor, MI, please check out Cake Nouveau. They are our favorite bakery (other than our own of course). 😉

Yeni Monroy and the entire staff of Dream Day Cakes® thanks you for taking the time to visit our site. If you’re in the Gainesville, Florida area, we would love for you to visit the bakery (cakery).

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