Angry Birds Cake

I resisted playing Angry Birds for months. Then, I made a great mistake— I tried it. I couldn’t put it down. Much like our cakes, the game had me addicted within seconds. With resistance futile, I embraced the sounds, the graphics, and everything that would one day help Dream Day Cakes® create an Angry Birds cake. =)

Angry Birds Fondant Cake, Gainesville, FL
Angry Birds never lose focus

Angry Birds Cake, Gainesville Florida
Fear the bird.
Flying into a cake near you.
Flying cake? Could be.
Fondant Specialty Cake Angry Birds
Angry Birds hate supermarket cakes

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2 thoughts on “Angry Birds Cake

  1. LOVE the Angry Birds Cake…It’s perfectly designed as all your cakes are. I miss you guys. My job is very inconvenient to allowing me to visit the bearkery!!!!

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