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Bearkery Cake Truffles

Cake Truffles
Mmmm Bearkery Cake Truffles

Bearkery™ cake truffles come in a variety of flavors and can travel anywhere in the USA. Covered in Ghiradelli dark chocolate, cake truffles are sold in half-dozen boxes at a very competitive price. From popular Red Velvet to in-house favorite Cookies & Cream, cake truffles provide that perfectly sized dessert, snack, or sugary escape.

They are the perfect sized cake dessert. Big enough to satisfy, small enough not to share.

What is a Cake Truffle?

Cake truffles combine our great tasting cakes with the deliciousness of dark chocolate. Starting out with our made-from-scratch cakes, we next combine them with our flavored Buttercream filling. We roll the two into a ball and then generously cover them with Ghiradelli dark chocolate.

What flavors are available?

Cake Truffles match our cake flavors. Right now, the most popular cake truffle flavors are Red Velvet, Cookies & Cream, and Chocoholic. We also generally have CocoLoco (chocolate coconut), Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Raspberry, and Vanilla Raspberry. If you want a specific flavor (or a custom flavor), we recommend calling ahead.

Can you make large orders?

Yes, we can! Volume discounts become available when ordering 100 or more cake truffles.

How big is a Bearkery cake truffle?

Each cake truffle is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter. Since our cake truffles are handmade (and hand rolled), variations do occur.

Can you ship cake truffles?

Yes, we can! We can ship cake truffles anywhere in the USA from our Gainesville, Florida bakery. We currently ship orders via UPS. The truffles generally weigh around 1.5 lbs per half-dozen box (packed).

Do all of your cake truffles come covered in dark chocolate?

No. We also can cover cake truffles in fondant, white chocolate, and milk chocolate.

What is Bearkery™?

Cake Truffles, fresh from the Bearkery!
Cake Truffles get a new look.

Bearkery is a trademark of Dream Day Cakes. If you’re looking for fresh, hand made baked goods, look no further than Bearkery. Family owned and operated, Bearkery produces some of the most delicious specialty cakes, cookies, cake truffles, and goodies that you’ll ever eat. But don’t just take our word for it — get your paws on something marked Bearkery today!

Bearkery keeps the Dream Day Cakes tradition of bears, sweets, and great taste.

How can I order Bearkery Cake Truffles?

Simple! Just call the bakery at (352) 336-8955. You can also contact us electronically through our order page.

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