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One of our most commonly asked questions: Do you ship your cakes? Although we don’t ship our custom cakes, we do ship our Big Fred Cookie™. =)

You know cake artist Yeni Monroy. The Big Fred Cookie comes from Fred, Yeni’s husband aka the man that has to lift the big, heavy mixing bowls.

Since Fred was a child, he always wanted to bake big cookies. Finally, thanks to long hours at the bakery (while Yeni finishes those custom cakes), Fred finally perfected the large cookie… and thus, we present… 

The Big Fred Cookie™

The Big Fred Cookie weighs more than 2 pounds and is packed full of chocolate chips.

Big Fred Cookie packed full of chocolate chips.
That’s a cookie!

Backed by our Credo, the Big Fred Cookie is baked using ingredients you can pronounce and shipped fresh.

We ship this cookie to any US address (including APO addresses) using Priority Mail — which means that most cookies arrive in 2 – 3 days (including Alaska and Hawaii).

Order is simple and easy. Just point your favorite web browser to It’s that simple. =)

Yes, we can also personally deliver the Big Fred Cookie to the Gainesville, Florida area.

(In fact, it’s one of our most popular deliveries to the UF Campus.)

We think this 2 pound cookie makes the perfect birthday gift, holiday gift, or special treat. For more information, please visit

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