Evelyn Carnival Cake

One of the best parts of owning a local bakery is getting to know your customers. Unlike those crazy supermarkets, your local bakery knows you. For example, take this awesomely fun birthday cake for one of our favorite Gainesville customers — the Evelyn Carnival Cake:

Carnival Birthday Cake
Carnival Birthday Cake

Supermarket bakeries are the fast-food of cake shops. You’re a number– and you get processed food that certainly wasn’t made from scratch. Of course, that’s a story for another day.

We love the fact that we can learn about our customers and watch them grow. This cake, it’s not just a carnival themed birthday cake.

This is Evelyn’s birthday cake.

hand made carnival lettering
Evelyn takes center stage

Evelyn’s mom is very creative — and she’s a lot of fun. With an entire carnival themed birthday, this cake needed to keep the theme, highlight the star of the show, and remember the reason for the celebration.

This wasn’t just Evelyn’s birthday. This was a cake to celebrate her 4th birthday. =)

Fondant Popcorn
Fondant Popcorn

The top of the cake featured a Pop Corn “bucket” cake complete with fondant pop corn. Sure, we could have used real pop corn (and that still would have been edible), but sugar art is just WAY more awesome. =) =)

As I said, we love our customers, and we loved the honor of making Evelyn’s 4th birthday cake. With her Gainesville, carnival themed cake out of the way, we’re already looking forward to the big 5.

2 thoughts on “Evelyn Carnival Cake

  1. We absolutely loved what you did for our sweet Evelyn’s 4th birthday! Evelyn (and I) loved every single detail of this cake. I am beyond excited with how you brought my vision to life. The cake completed the theme and was the 2nd star of the show!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am also already thinking about what we can do for her next event!!

    Tara Rumpler

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