Blue Bell Ice Cream Cake

If you’re from the South, you know Blue Bell Ice Cream. Although it’s only sold in 20 states (Florida being one of them), Blue Bell Ice Cream is one 3rd best selling ice cream in the entire United States. Why? It’s that good! Which is why when we were asked to create a Blue Bell Ice Cream Cake, we jumped on it.

Blue Bell Ice Cream Cake
Blue Bell Ice Cream… Cake

The concept of the cake was simple: Let’s celebrate Samantha’s 20th birthday with a custom cake resembling Blue Bell ice cream. Challenge accepted.

Blue Bell Ice Cream Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake: Blue Bell

As always, we tried to incorporate many of the birthday girl’s details into the cake… such as her favorite flavor:

Favorite Flavor Ice Cream
Favorite Flavor Ice Cream

Of course, personalization always gets a smile.

Personal Nutritional Label
Personal Details

Even though Blue Bell has been making amazing ice cream for over 100 years we had to change the date a little for the birthday girl.

Original Since Day One
Original Since Day One

My favorite part of this cake? The top of the lid. I think Yeni nailed it.

Customized Lid
Happy Birthday Samantha

We love creating custom cakes from our Gainesville, Florida bakery. This cake helped celebrate a 20th birthday for a great girl who (rightfully) loves her some Blue Bell Ice Cream. I certainly hope she served her piece of cake with some ice cream. 😉

4 thoughts on “Blue Bell Ice Cream Cake

  1. What Stores carry Mocha Almond Ice Cream by Blue Bell? This is my favorite of all the Blue Bells. Sometimes, but not often, I can find it at Publix/Westgate store. Thank you.

    1. I have not tried Blue Bell Ice Cream Cake BECAUSE I did not knoow you made an ice cream cake. Where can you purchase a Blue Bell Ice Cream cake?

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