Blue Crab Cake

Gainesville, Florida is conveniently located in-between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico — making our bakery prime for creating custom fondant, sculpted creations… such as this blue crab cake. =)

Blue Crab Cake
Blue Crab Cake

The blue crab (or callinectes sapidus) is a common crab here in Florida. Our customer had these cake created to surprise his wife on her birthday. Since most blue crabs grow to a size of about 9 inches… our cake was a bit larger than the real thing.

Of course, since the cake was our chocoholic flavor, it also tasted a little different. =)

edible crab claw
Claws... cut like butter.

Normally the meat of this beauty is considered too difficult to eat… our fondant shell makes that process much easier. =)

Sculpted Fondant Cake
Hello There.
Detail of the crab shell
Detail: Shading
Blue Crab Fondant Cake
Blue Crab Fondant Cake

Thank you for letting us share this cake with you. We love when customers choose unique cakes that celebrate something personal. In Gainesville, we get everything from sea life to city scenes. Our bakery loves helping celebrate special events, and this sculpted fondant blue crab cake was no exception.

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