Body by Boris Birthday Cake

Milestone birthdays. We all have them, and we all approach them differently. Some want a night to remember. Some want a night to forget. Others, have awesome husbands that create a cake that captures your passion. For example, a 30th birthday celebrated with a Body by Boris themed birthday cake.

Body by Boris Birthday Cake
Body by Boris Birthday Cake

Meet Mandy — Gainesville resident and as you guessed, she just turned 30. In prepping for her 30th, Mandy visited our friends (and neighbors) at Body by Boris to get into the best shape of her life. The team at Body by Boris challenged her to exceed her expectations and to not only reach her goals– to destroy them.

Mandy’s husband, extremely proud of his wife’s commitment and achievements, had a great concept for her surprise birthday cake– theme it after her Body by Boris training.

Mandy climbing on to the top tier of her birthday cake
30th Birthday Cake
Mandy with fondant cake topper
Mandy lifting the 30

For the cake, we had a fondant Mandy (check out those abs) climbing the topsy turvy birthday cake to place her edible 30 topper. Why should she put her own topper on the cake? Because she can. Simple as that.

edible Rope and Tire obstacle
edible Rope and Tire obstacle

The cake also featured ropes, ladders, tires, and many other training tools.

Tire obstacles
Edible Tire obstacles
Climbing to the top of the mountain
Climbing to the top
edible rope ladder
edible rope ladder
30th birthday cake
30th birthday fitness cake

We had a lot of fun creating this cake for Mandy, and we’re sure she’ll have no problem burning off the calories. =) Her husband had a great idea, and we were truly honored to help her celebrate the great accomplishment and her milestone birthday.


5 thoughts on “Body by Boris Birthday Cake

  1. Thank you so much for this, I can’t tell you how special all of you and my husband made me feel that day. I couldn’t stop laughing, admiring and loving it! No one wanted to eat it because it was so perfect and incredible! We got over it eventually and ate it, and boy it was tasty too!! THANK YOU, DREAM DAY CAKES, FOR TEAMING UP AND CREATING A CAKE I COULD HAVE NEVER DREAMED UP MYSELF!

  2. Saw this cake first hand as a guest at the party. Amanda’s husband win’s the prize as husband with the best concept idea and you guys nailed it hands down in bringing it to fruition. The cake was absolutely incredible as well as humorous. Kudos to your staff for making Joey’s surprise such a memorable one and Amanda’s 30th a milestone she will always remember fondly.

  3. Hello,
    I love your cake here. was wondering what you used to make the cargo net. We are creating a cake for my grandsons birthday and we need a cargo net. Please if you would share your talents??

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