Bumble Bee Cake

The bumble bee cake allowed us to work with some bright yellow colors accented by cool, jet blacks. Now of course, this cake featured your insect type of bumble bees— but who knows, in the future I’m certain we’ll be lucky enough to make one of your favorite transformers for a local, Gainesville Florida family.

Bumble Bee Fondant Cake in Gainesville, Florida
Bumble Bee Fondant Cake

Every celebration deserves cake. This bumble cake celebrated a 30th birthday here in Gainesville.  The monogrammed sugar topper highlighted our birthday girl’s name while the bees and accents showcased items she enjoys.

Yeni working on fondant bees
Fondant bees in production

Yeni first created the sugar / fondant bees to decorate (and swarm) over the cake. Bees surrounded the cake from all sides. Some flew, others clung to the cake.

Sugar bees placed onto the bumble bee cake
Yeni is a bee catcher.

We love baking cakes that help celebrate life. This bumble bee cake welcomed cool weather to Gainesville and helped celebrate a 30th birthday. Baking custom cakes allows us to only be limited by imagination. If it can be dreamed, it can be cake.

Bees fly around the fondant cake
Bumble bees in flight

The final product showcased the black/yellow colors, bees in flight, and our customer’s favorite colors.

custom fondant specialty cake
Bumble Bees Cake

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