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A Personal Cake Tasting Event

For large events, such as weddings, personal cake tasting events allow you to “try it before you buy it.” We truly believe that you should feel very comfortable and confident with both the cake and the bakers. With personal cake tasting sessions at our bakery, our clients can see our operation, get one-on-one consultations, and meet our staff.

We work hard to make our Dream Day Cakes® taste even better than they look. We don’t believe you’ll find a better tasting cake for a better price.

We often receive questions regarding our personal cake tasting sessions and wish to address those frequently asked questions within this article.

What is a personal cake tasting?
Unlike a cake tasting “party,” or a group event, our personal cake tasting sessions are private, one-0n-one sessions held at our bakery in Gainesville, Florida.

How much do you charge for personal cake tastings?
For cake events with at least 100 people, we do not charge a fee for cake tasting. For smaller events (or events without cake), a nominal fee may be charged.

Where do your cake tasting sessions take place?
We conduct the personal cake tasting inside our Gainesville, Florida bakery.

How many people can I bring to the tasting?
We recommend 2 – 3 people attend a tasting. Special arrangements can be made for larger parties.

Am I required to sign a contract before the tasting?
No, that would be ridiculous. We believe you should try it before you buy it.

Do I need to pay more for gourmet flavors?
No, ALL of our flavors are gourmet flavors. We do charge an additional fee for ganache or fresh fruit curds.

Is there a fee for Fondant?
No, all of our cakes include tasty fondant.

How far advance should I schedule the cake tasting?
We recommend scheduling your personal cake tasting event as soon as possible. Dates are booked on a first come, first serve basis.

Do you offer group cake tasting events or cake tasting parties?
No, instead we offer personal, one-on-one cake tasting consultations. We also attend wedding expos and other events in the Gainesville, Florida area where we often have samples. People subscribed to our newsletter get first notice of these events.

Do you offer free gluten-free cake tastings?
No, we do offer gluten-free tastings for a nominal fee.

I have food allergies. What should I do?
Please tell our bakers of any food allergies well in advance of your cake tasting.

What should I bring to the cake tasting?
Please bring your appetite! If you have pictures (or sketches) of cakes you like (or dislike), it can be very helpful to bring these to your cake tasting.

If you have any additional questions, or to schedule your personal cake tasting with Dream Day Cakes®, please call our bakery at 352-336-8955. You can also send us an email or contact us through this website. If you’re in the Gainesville, Florida area and would like to make your appointment in person, please don’t hesitate to swing by the bakery. We are located conveniently in Northwest Gainesville:

Dream Day Cakes®
6352 NW 18th Drive Ste 3
Gainesville, FL 32653

Thank you for reading and we look forward to speaking with you!

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