Cakes for Anniversaries, Birthdays

Fondant decorated birthday cake delivered in Gainesville, Florida.
Happy Birthday (better with fondant) =)

We say it a lot, it’s no surprise that the unofficial motto of Dream Day Cakes remains, “Every celebration deserves cake.” After all, when you’re reading a blog from your Gainesville bakery specializing in custom decorated cakes, you need to expect a little cake bias, no?

We’re off to a great week! Monday had us celebrating birthdays and yesterday we celebrated both another birthday and an anniversary.

Our birthday cake celebrated the 26th birthday of Asia; who helped design the specific cake she wanted. Complete with focusing on her favorite colors (pink and black) and featuring a symbol she really wanted: an edible, high-heel shoe. The vines were hand-piped by our cake artist, using fondant for the leaves. The shoe was formed completely from fondant (as well as the “26”).

Elegant anniversary cake with fondant flowers delivered to North Florida
Elegant anniversary cake with fondant flower

This cake was our first delivery to 101 Downtown, a local Gainesville restaurant in (you guessed it) downtown Gainesville. After the comments we heard while walking in, we won’t be surprised to return (especially when the guests taste the Red Velvet). =)

Taking a very different direction, we helped celebrate 21 years of marriage with a lovely, elegant ivory anniversary cake. Covered in our hand made fondant, the cake featured fondant flowers and custom piping. The layers of vanilla cake sandwiched layers of soft chocolate raspberry buttercream.

No matter the reason, we remain ready to bake a cake specifically for your celebration!

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