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GAINESVILLE, FL (University of Florida) — There’s no greater college town than Gainesville, Florida. From football to medicine, education to greek life, the University of Florida attracts an amazingly diverse crowd. During the fall and spring semesters, students from throughout Florida (and the world) migrate to the UF Campus and fill classrooms, coffee shops, and restaurants.

For many students, the years in Gainesville will be the first time they celebrate birthdays and special events away from their family. Don’t feel bad… this is where Dream Day Cakes saves the day. =)

We love phone calls from family members looking to send their loved one a special treat. Often times, it starts out with, “Every birthday he always has a specific cake,” or “this is her first birthday away from home.” We’ve been in Gainesville a long time, and we know UF very well– after all, it’s our alma mater. Birthdays away from home can still be special, and Dream Day Cakes wants to help you celebrate with your loved one.

Custom Cakes, Cupcakes, & More… Delivered

From multi-tiered, over-the-top cakes to boxes of cake truffles, we treat each delivery as it should be– as our most important delivery. From off-site apartments to on-campus dorm rooms Residence Halls (see comment below), we deliver to all of Gainesville. No cake is too big. No order is too small. We believe that every celebration deserves cake– and that’s exactly why we’re in business.

Family Owned and Licensed Bakery

Student Cake Package cake delivered to University of Florida campus
UF Care Package sent to campus residence halls

Dream Day Cakes operates a fully licensed, inspected bakery in NW Gainesville, Florida. We’re a family owned, small business specializing in custom cakes, cookies, and baked goods. Proud members of the Retail Baker’s Association, the North Florida Baker’s Association, and the Chamber of Commerce, Dream Day Cakes strongly supports “buying local” whenever possible.

We recommend ordering your delivery in advance. Orders within 24 hours of delivery are accepted subject to availability. As a custom bakery, who never uses frozen goods, each order is a special order, taking some time to properly prepare.

Got questions? We have answers. =)

Give us a call at (352) 336-8955 or email us for a prompt, courteous reply. We look forward to hearing from you and helping with your celebration.

Custom fondant cake delivered to the University of Florida in Gainesville
Custom decorated cake delivered to UF Gainesville campus
realistic xbox detail from fondant
xbox controller cake
Red Velvet cupcakes
Red Velvet birthday cupcakes
UF cupcakes
Cupcakes delivered to UF Student Housing
Gator Nurse Graduation Cake
Gator Nurse Graduation Cake

We custom bake and design every order. We also can deliver cake truffles, cookies, and more. For more information about our bakery please contact us, see our cakes, or read our frequently asked questions. We pride ourselves on customer service– call us at (352) 336-8955 to speak with one of our bakers today.

Update— “Dorm” vs “Residence Hall”

We received a request to change the word dorm… which brought us to this fascinating page on

Many of us don’t use the word “dorm.” Some of us are passionate about it.

The Department of Housing and Residence Education is a team of over [400?] people who work together in service of the idea that living on-campus in one of several different room or apartment styles can and should be one of the most enriching times a person can have. Really. So we think referring to us as “the dorms” is not only inaccurate but that it also sells the experience a bit short.

We’re the place you may meet a special person or a group of friends you’ll keep in contact with for years. We’re the place where you may get the idea to take your life in amazing new direction. We’re the place where you may be inspired to look at world problem in a way no one has thought of. We’re the place where all kinds of remarkable memories begin.

Our rich history traces back to the very beginnings of the university. In fact, several of our buildings were once the ONLY University of Florida buildings. [These were places where everything at the university happened.] Of course, over the last 100-plus years, we have added new buildings and renovated the older ones we love so much. [There’s not much need for trunk delivery anymore!] But we know that you want us to do more than simply build and repair noble gothic walls.

We know your grandfather or great aunt may not have had needed to Facebook wirelessly, but we know you do. Keeping our services up-to-date is one of our most important areas of work. We also work to provide settings where students and our team members can learn, innovate, and succeed … from ANYWHERE. Events like this don’t just happen at a desk … they can happen in a commons room … one of our special classrooms … maybe even a hallway when inspiration strikes!

We have modified our article to reflect this passionate request. =)

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