Cars Themed Birthday Cake

Recently, a fun (really fun) mom walked into our Gainesville bakery and talked with us about a cars themed birthday cake for her son, Jonathon. At the end of the meeting, we were excited to start work on this topsy turvy birthday cake. =)

Cars themed birthday cake
Cars themed birthday cake

 On some cakes, we make everything edible. On others, we make the cake a canvas and integrate toys or objects into the theme. For this cake, we worked with some new toys and built the perfect scene.

The topsy turvy cake came straight out of the cutest town, representing a mountain, track, and more.

cake topped with toy cars
Top of the cake

The top of the cake made the perfect stand for the new toys as well as a great themed sign for the birthday boy.

Radiator Springs
Radiator Springs
Mountain scene topsy turvy cake
Scenic Roadways

Topsy turvy cakes make a fantastic mountain roadway.

mountain roads on topsy turvy cake
topsy turvy roads
cars birthday cake
Smell the fresh air

Yeni used the airbrush to make the mountains, clouds, and beautiful blue sky.

Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake
Steep, winding road ahead
Radiator Springs represented in cake
Good amount of traffic

Using real cars, the cake allowed us to really put together a theme. Details are always a must.

Gainesville cake bakery topsy turvy birthday cake
Get your kicks on Route 66
cars themed cake: rear view
Rear view
side view of cars themed cake
side view
cars birthday cake
Heading up the mountain.

We loved working on this cars themed birthday cake. Using a topsy turvy cake for the mountain roads, our Gainesville bakery helped showcase some fun toys for a great birthday.

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