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French Macarons

At Bearkery®, we love creating amazing baked goods using ingredients you can pronounce. For years, French Macarons have become an incredibly popular item here at our Gainesville, Florida bakery. We love creating these amazing treats for any occasion, and they are perfect to help celebrate any event. Here in the Gainesville area, we’ve created French Macarons...
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Dulce de Leche Brownies

You’ve not enjoyed a brownie until you’ve enjoyed Bearkery® Dulce de Leche Brownies. Baked from scratch using ingredients you can pronounce, our Dulce de Leche Brownies combine delicious caramel and rich chocolate to create an incredibly moist brownie. Our licensed bakery in Gainesville, Florida produces these brownies daily— ensuring that our customers always receive a fresh baked...
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Cake Truffles

Delicious cake, mixed with buttercream, and then covered with incredible chocolate. Simple, yet decadent. Perfect, yet incredibly addictive. At Bearkery® Bakery, we love creating products that our customers love. Using ingredients you can pronounce, we pride ourselves on baking all items from scratch within our licensed, inspected bakery in NW Gainesville, Florida. Since we’ve opened our...
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Cookie Cakes in Gainesville, FL

Yeni and I started Bearkery® with a simple idea — bake what we love. I love cookie cakes. The Big Fred Cookie Story My love for baking cookies comes directly from my Grandmother. My earliest memories have me helping out in her kitchen; dropping cookies onto the sheet and watching them bake through the oven...
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Every Celebration Deserves Cake

At Bearkery® Bakery, we have a saying—every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes®. When you think, it just makes sense. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary, or anything it’s not a celebration unless there’s cake. We love working with our clients to makes celebrations special. Sure, Yeni can create some incredible, jaw dropping cakes (there’s a reason...
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Buttercream Wedding Cakes

At Dream Day Cakes® and Bearkery®, we love creating unique, beautiful wedding cakes. Although we create incredible fondant cakes, we also love creating amazing buttercream wedding cakes. Although our fondant takes amazing (unlike the others you’ve tried), this post is about buttercream— incredible buttercream wedding cakes You see, our Gainesville, Florida bakery is a real bakery. We don’t...
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Manatee Cake

Dream Day Cakes® and Bearkery® calls Florida our home. We have incredible news stories, great people, incredible beaches, and of course… Manatees. These “cows of the sea” are a Florida treasure— and thanks to Yeni, also an incredible Manatee Cake. You can click the photo for a larger size. =) We created this cake about a...
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Hippie Love Bug Cake

Peace, love, cake. With this Hippie Love Bug Cake, our Gainesville bakery created a fun replica of a Volkswagen Beatle… in a cake. From the tie die paint job to the flowers, cake artist Yeni Monroy truly capture the 60’s in this fun replica birthday cake. As a licensed bakery in Gainesville (one of the very...
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Wedding Cupcakes

From wedding cupcakes to dessert bars, our licensed bakery in Gainesville, Florida loves helping celebrate weddings with unique, great tasting treats. About five years ago, we were asked to create cupcakes for a wedding here in Gainesville. The bride just loved the idea of every guest having their own, individual dessert and wanted something fun,...
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CeCe’s 90th Birthday Cake

When Fred’s Aunt CeCe turned 90, Yeni created a wonderful cake to help celebrate the life of the party. With bold colors, high fashion, and a touch of pizazz, Yeni created an incredible 90th birthday cake. Fred’s Aunt CeCe lives the very embodiment of “the life of the party.” From incredible stories to an infectious...
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