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Category: Wedding Cakes

Buttercream Wedding Cakes

At Dream Day Cakes® and Bearkery®, we love creating unique, beautiful wedding cakes. Although we create incredible fondant cakes, we also love creating amazing buttercream wedding cakes. Although our fondant takes amazing (unlike the others you’ve tried), this post is about buttercream— incredible buttercream wedding cakes You see, our Gainesville, Florida bakery is a real bakery. We don’t...
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Manatee Cake

Dream Day Cakes® and Bearkery® calls Florida our home. We have incredible news stories, great people, incredible beaches, and of course… Manatees. These “cows of the sea” are a Florida treasure— and thanks to Yeni, also an incredible Manatee Cake. You can click the photo for a larger size. =) We created this cake about a...
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Wedding Cupcakes

From wedding cupcakes to dessert bars, our licensed bakery in Gainesville, Florida loves helping celebrate weddings with unique, great tasting treats. About five years ago, we were asked to create cupcakes for a wedding here in Gainesville. The bride just loved the idea of every guest having their own, individual dessert and wanted something fun,...
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Batman Wedding Cake (with Lace)

Why be an Ivory Lace wedding cake when you could also be… Batman. This wonderful couple combined the groom’s cake and wedding cake to create this fun, unique Batman Wedding Cake (with Lace). This four tiered wedding cake featured ivory lace, piped accents, pearls, and a lovely crimped border. Of course, the cake also featured...
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Star Wars Wedding Treats

At Dream Day Cakes, our Gainesville bakery loves to create unique wedding cakes. When we have the opportunity to create a really unique, fun, themed wedding cake (for awesome clients), we know we’re in for a great week. Take for example this Star Wars wedding cake. Well, it wasn’t just one cake… the Star Wars...
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Coral Wedding Cake

We love creating custom wedding cakes. Recently, our bakery (located in Gainesville, Florida) was asked to create a custom coral wedding cake. Think “under the sea” without the mermaids and singing. The goal here was fun, but classy. When making a topsy turvy cake, it’s very easy to jump into a whimsical theme — we...
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Gator Groom’s Cake

Gainesville is home of the swamp and the Florida Gators — so it’s only natural that our licensed bakery gets asked to create custom gator cakes. For this wedding cake, Yeni created a custom, sculpted Gator Groom’s Cake. Dark green, so the alligator is naturally camouflaged in the Florida swamp lands, this alligator has chosen...
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Peacock Wedding Cake

We love creating wedding cakes. From the classics to the dynamic — every couple deserves an incredible cake on their wedding day. For a recent wedding (at the Herlong Mansion just outside of Gainesville, Florida), we created a peacock wedding cake to match the couple’s theme and decor. This was an amazing couple — incredible...
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Hand Painted Wedding Cake

For a fall wedding cake at the Santa Fe River Ranch (here in Gainesville, Florida), Yeni was asked to create this lovely hand painted wedding cake. With lace, branches, earth tones, and a lovely monogram, the cake fit perfectly with the rustic (yet beautiful) venue deep within the landscapes of North Florida. The bottom tier...
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Chevy Impala Groom’s Cake

At Dream Day Cakes®, our Gainesville bakery loves creating fun, custom cakes. Many times, we are lucky enough to create a truly fun groom’s cake to pair with a wedding cake. For this cake, the groom-to-be loved a certain Chevy Impala, and thus we present, the Chevy Impala Groom’s Cake. It’s a true joy when...
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