Chocolate Ganache Cake

At Dream Day Cakes®, we may bake a lot of wedding cakes — but we’re not just a wedding cake shop. We love baking a variety of cakes that help people celebrate life.

24 layer chocolate cake with ganache
24 layer cake. Plus ganache. =)

Take for example the above 24 layer chocolate cake, topped with rich ganache. Try saying that 3 times without your mouth watering. =)

This special request came directly from one of our existing clients. Although he loves our fondant cakes, he wanted something special to bring home. In this case, he wanted a 24 layer chocolate cake covered in ganache. When he picked up his cake at our Gainesville bakery, his smile became contagious.

We love making our customers happy. Whether that’s with a specialty cake, a birthday cake, or even a wedding cake. Even the smallest achievements are reason to celebrate, and of course, every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes®.

For more information on how we can help you, please call, visit, or contact our local, Gainesville bakery. We’d love to hear from you!

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