Cookie Monster Cookie Cake

Some kids don’t love cake — I know, crazy, right? Kids will be kids, and luckily… we’re more than just cake. =) For example, what do you make for a 5 year old who hates cake but loves cookies? A cookie monster cookie cake, of course.

Cookie Monster birthday cookie
Cookie! Nom Nom Nom

We do cookie cakes a little differently here at Dream Day Cakes®. You see, the thing that’s always bothered us about those mall cookie cakes is the thinness. It’s a HUGE cookie, but no thicker than a normal one. Huh?

The Bearkery® solution: proportionally correct cookies, regardless of size.

Our large cookie (literally called “The Fred”) is about 2″ thick and weighs more than 2 pounds. It’s packed with taste and can put a smile on any cookie lover’s face— age 0 to 100.

Edible Cookie Monster topper
Me eat number 5? No.

Look at that expression— caught red handed nom nom nomming on the 5, yet still managing to give the deer in the headlights look. =)

We love creating edibles in our Gainesville bakery. From cakes to cookies to cookie cakes, we only use ingredients you can pronounce to make amazing creations. Remember, cakes cookies do come true at Dream Day Cakes®.

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