Cupcake Bakery

Sometimes you need a cupcake (or maybe a dozen cupcakes). Luckily, your local bakery (here in Gainesville, Florida) is here to help. =)

Cupcakes in Gainesville, Florida
Freshly baked cupcake

Today for example, we decided to bake some cupcakes using some extra batter from the day’s cakes. As a full-time bakery, our mixers and oven constantly produces some of the most delicious baked goods you’ll find in Gainesville.

When we first started Dream Day Cakes, we chose a location we thought would best allow us to cater to our audience. We truly didn’t expect so many people to walk-in ready for some yummies. =) This is a great thing. You see, we love talking with people and for the past couple of years have made sure we always have something on-hand for anyone that walks in the bakery door.

From cake pops to cookies, cake truffles to cupcakes, when you need to bring home a delicious (and made from scratch) baked treat, look no further than your local (and family owned) bakery: Dream Day Cakes®.

Yes, we love cupcakes. We bake them fresh (using amazing ingredients) from scratch daily here inside our Gainesville, Florida bakery. Of course, we don’t want you to limit yourself to just a cupcake. Remember, there’s many different treats (and breads) we offer every day. Every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes.

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