Damask Wedding Cake

We get requests often. Can you make my cake look like this picture? I saw this and would love it on my cake! But, if you asked what style do we get asked about over and over? Two words: Damask. =)

damask wedding cake, gainesville florida
Custom Damask Pattern

Damask cakes truly can be a labor of love. First, they are time consuming– definitely not something that would fall in the “basic decoration” category. At Dream Day Cakes™, we hand-pipe the damask pattern directly onto our handmade fondant.

For a recent Gainesville wedding, we were asked to duplicate a very specific and custom designed damask pattern. The pattern, created by the bride and groom themselves, would become an intricate part of the wedding theme; repeated in the cake, the invitations, the decorations, and more.

custom damask pattern wedding cake in Gainesville
Custom Damask pattern

The damask pattern surrounded the bottom tier of the wedding cake, with the next tier containing a quilted effect, and the top a beautiful fondant ribbon and large sugar flower.

damask fondant cake
comparison of cakes

Delivered to the historic Thomas Center in Gainesville, Florida, the wedding cake wasn’t the only sweet the guests enjoyed– the couple also provided their guests our Bearkery™ brand cake truffles.

wedding cake with damask pattern and cake truffles
wedding cake and truffles

Thank you for reading and we would love to discuss your cake with you. Please call our Gainesville bakery at 352-336-8955 or visit us at 6352 NW 18th Dr #3.

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