Dogwood Tree Birthday Cake

Beautiful. That’s most people’s reaction to a dogwood tree — which means “no pressure” when that’s the theme for this fondant specialty cake. With that, we present the dogwood tree birthday cake.

Dogwood Tree Birthday Cake
Dogwood Tree Birthday Cake

The concept of this cake was very direct: dogwood tree and an octopus. Wait. An Octopus?

edible octopus fondant cake
Edible Octopus

This edible octopus (well, I guess most octopi are edible) sat himself towards the read of the cake. A special meaning for the birthday girl.

fondant octopus
Detail: Fondant Octopus

The cake featured classic impressions, gold tones, and that beautiful edible dogwood tree. The sugar flowers were just beautiful.

Fondant Specialty Cake Dogwood Tree
Sugar Dogwood Tree
sugar flowers
Detail: Sugar Flowers
Pink Dogwood Tree Blooming
Detail: Dogwood Tree

Our bakery, located in Gainesville, Florida, loves celebrating birthdays. Big birthdays deserve custom fondant specialty cakes — and this Dogwood Tree birthday cake helped celebrate a fun, 40th birthday.

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  1. I saw the picture and thought it was a cherry blossom tree before reading it was a dogwood, either way a beautiful cake.

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