Dolphins, Redskins Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake for Dophins and Redskins fans
Dolphins-Redskins themed wedding cake

Talk about a house divided… What do you do when two avid football fans (for rival teams) fall in love? Why you create a custom decorated wedding cake of course!

Our bride, a lifelong Redskins fan, appears on the wedding cake adorned in her wedding dress, veil, flowers, and of course her #44 Redskins jersey. The groom stands next to his bride wearing good ol’ #13— just as a Dolphins groom should.

At Dream Day Cakes, we believe that your wedding cake should make you smile. Some brides want modern elegance. Some want their wedding cake to be classic, or refined. From crazy, topsy-turvy cakes to elegance with clean, defined lines, we believe that the wedding cake must make the bride’s dream complete.

This cake combined two rivals in marriage. Whatever a bride dreams, Dream Day Cakes remains ready. After all, Cakes do come true at Dream Day Cakes.

Dolphins wedding cake topper
Wedding cake topper - Dolphins Redskins
Dolphins Redskins cake
Football rivals wedding cake topper

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  1. Wow! this cake is awesome! Sounds like it’s right up our alley. We are talking about cake ideas right now and we would love a Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins cake.

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