Eastern Styled Wedding Cake

Modern meets Traditional Eastern Wedding Cake
Modern meets Traditional

We first met this bride at a wedding expo in Gainesville, Florida. She initially told us she wasn’t going to have a wedding cake! (Insert gasps from Yeni here). With her wedding reception menu being heavily influenced by different Eastern cultures, she felt that no wedding cake could “fit” her reception.

We love a challenge.

We worked with our bride’s menu and came up with several ideas; went back to the lab/kitchen, and started formulating some recipes. The amazing couple met us in the bakery, and selected a wonderful Vanilla Spice / Chai cake with Chai Buttercream.

Of course, the design of this cake was tremendously fun to create. Our couple wanted modern design meets traditional Eastern influences. =) =)

Eastern Wedding Cake topper
Wedding Cake Topper
Eastern styled wedding cake
Detail: Eastern styled wedding cake
eastern styled wedding cake tiers
Close up of the wedding cake tiers
Close up detail of the edible art
Everything was edible on this wedding cake.
tiers of eastern wedding cake
Square tiers slightly offset
paisley eastern wedding cake accents
Paisley accents from fondant and royal icing
Curtain effect with fondant
Fondant curtain effect

The beautiful reception was held at the University of Florida’s Natural History Museum on the main campus in Gainesville, Florida.

Reception at UF Museum, Gainesville Florida
At the Gainesville reception

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