Elmo Birthday Cake

Let’s face it— kids today love Elmo. It could be that voice, or maybe it’s his laugh. Perhaps kids just love his silliness. Whatever the reason, kids love Elmo.

Elmo Birthday Cake, Gainesville FL
Oh no. Elmo in cake!

One of our favorite customers returned to our Gainesville bakery to celebrate her daughter’s first birthday cake. The theme? Elmo, of course! =) =)

Fondant Elmo
Sugar Elmo tastes very good.

With a combination of Bearkery® cupcakes, cake, and a smash cake, we truly worked to fit this cake into the Elmo theme. Our birthday received her very own smash cake, while the family enjoyed our multi-layered gourmet cake (complete with sugar Elmo). Guests enjoyed several mini-cupcakes in a variety of flavors.

Our custom made cupcake stand helped show off the birthday cake and made grabbing those cupcakes a breeze. =)

Elmo cake, cupcakes, and smash cake in Gainesville
Filled cupcake stand
Elmo smash cake
This cake was a smash. Literally.

Thanks for reading! Remember, when you’re looking to celebrate, call your local Gainesville bakery at (352) 336-8955. Dream Day Cakes® loves to help everyone in North Central Florida celebrate life. Every celebration deserves cake.

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