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Why Fondant?

Lily Cake, Gainesville FL
Fondant Wedding Cake, Gainesville FL

Welcome to Gainesville and North Central Florida– aka The Swamp. When people ask us if they should choose Buttercream or Fondant for their cake, we smile. Generally, people only ask this for two reasons: Price and Taste. We’ll talk more about price and taste in just a moment, but first… let’s talk about humidity.

In the South, humidity welcomes us like an old friend. It’s just part of our lives. When we plan outdoor events, like weddings, we know to take Humidity into consideration. August weddings in Florida, for example, need a LOT of planning. But since you’re reading the Dream Day Cakes Baker’s Blog, we should probably talk cake. Which brings us back to fondant.

Fondant helps avoid cake disasters.

We love buttercream, don’t get us wrong. Almost all of our cakes contain layers and layers of buttercream filling (and it’s great). Now, buttercream has an enemy. You guessed it– humidity. Humidity can wreak havoc on a wedding cake by separating, melting, or even cracking the buttercream covering your cake. With something as important as a wedding cake, this can quickly become a disaster.

Gainesville Florida Wedding Cake Bakery
Black and White Fondant Wedding Cake

But, thanks to fondant we have a solution.

At Dream Day Cakes, we cover our cakes with a generous layer of our handmade, tasty fondant. Not only does this protect our cakes against the Florida humidity, it also allows us to decorate the cake in ways that buttercream fails. From modern, unique designs to traditional, classic decorations, a fondant covered cake can be custom decorated to your specific desire.

Price and Taste

Why do people ask us about buttercream vs. fondant? Price and taste. At Dream Day Cakes, our standard price already includes fondant– there is no extra charge for fondant (which is great for wedding cakes or other cakes that need to feed large numbers of people). For taste, we proudly make all our fondant inside our Gainesville, Florida bakery. Unlike some of the “off the shelf” fondant, ours tastes amazing. Since we make our own, we control the costs and can afford to be very generous with the thickness and coating of our cakes.

There’s many reasons why we love working with fondant. From sculpted cakes to clean, classic designs, the look of a fondant covered cake will certainly impress. For some of us, another reason is taste. We love the taste of our fondant and thrive on the feedback of our customers (they love it, too.). The most important reason to cover your Florida cake in fondant? Humidity.

About Dream Day Cakes

Gainesville Wedding Cake Fondant
Gainesville Wedding Cake Fondant

Dream Day Cakes custom creates beautifully unique cake creations for client celebrations. From weddings to birthdays, special occasions to surprise events, Dream Day Cakes not only look great– they taste fantastic, too. Located in Gainesville, Florida, Dream Day Cakes operates a fully licensed, inspected, and insured bakery. For more information, or to contact Dream Day Cakes, please visit the contact page.

You can also follow Dream Day Cakes on Twitter here or like the Facebook page here.

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  1. I’m not in the cake’s business but your post has great informative and educational tips. It also provide a “taste” of what you are most passion about, and I don’t mean making cakes, but give them a meaningful touch to make that Special Occasion, the best possible and unforgettable! To bad that you guys are not in the DC area! 🙁
    Thank You!

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