Fondant, Lace Wedding Cake – Gainesville

We never forget that this is your day, your Dream day. If you want flowers, we make flowers. If you want small, we go small. If you want a big, 5 tier Ivory cake with fondant lace and bows (with just the right amount of sparkle)… well, that’s just what we’ll do.

Fondant Lace, Bows, and Sparkle
Fondant Lace, Bows, and Sparkle

Here, cake artist Yeni Monroy applies some final touches…

Final touches
Yeni applying some final touches

The cake featured layers of vanilla and lemon cake with both Florida Key Lime and Very Beary Raspberry filling.

Fondant lace and bow work combined with brooches and strands
Fondant bows, ribbons, and lace.

The reception was held at Villa East in Gainesville, Florida.

Set-up at the reception hall
Delivered to Gainesville's Villa East

When the lifting is done, the smiles come out.

No more lifting
Yeni Monroy, Dream Day Cakes

Baking wedding cakes truly becomes a labor of love. We are honored every time a bride selects us to make their cake. Of course, sometimes… we need to make a groom’s cake just to relax. =)

For more information on how Gainesville’s Dream Day Cakes can make the perfect cake for your wedding, please call or contact us.

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