Boys Bakugan Birthday

Bakugan themed birthday cake complete with Gluten-Free cake balls.
Bakugan themed cake with Gluten Free portions

We’ll admit it — before this cake we had never heard of Bakugan. Of course, this all changed when a great Gainesville mom walked into the bakery and described the cake she wanted for two great boys’ birthday. Then, the research began… (it’s a set of toys from an Anime that, well to sum up… basically little balls open up and fight like crazy).

For this cake, two of the party goers needed a gluten-free dessert. Although we do not maintain a separate gluten-free bakery, we do our best to avoid any cross contamination. For example, before working on gluten-free items, we thoroughly break down, clean, and re-sanitize the equipment and prep areas. We use special ingredients and work hard to make sure that restrictive diets can still have their cake and (more importantly) eat it, too. We separated the gluten-free portions into their own, large Bakugan balls and included them in the display.

Fondant warriors
Fondant warriors ready for Gainesville action

The cake consisted of a fighting area adorned with a “floating” logo, 2 closed Bakugan balls, and two opened warriors ready for battle. The party was held in a great, Gainesville nature park and the mom’s really went FULL OUT on the theme. It looked like a great birthday party!

At Dream Day Cakes, we believe that every celebration deserves cake. Wether you have dietary restrictions, allergies, or special preferences, we want you to have the best tasting cake you can have. Sure, gluten-free cakes take a little extra work… but knowing that a child can eat cake with their friends– that’s just a great feeling.

Floating logo above the battlefield
Floating fondant logo hovering the battlefield

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