Cake Truffles, Petits Fours, and Cookies

Holiday Cake Truffles in Gainesville, FL
Cake Truffles, Gainesville FL

What’s the latest trend in cake? Smaller. From cupcakes to mini cakes, cake truffles to petits fours, people love quality cake they can eat without a fork or knife. Even Godiva jumped on this trend and started shipping cake truffles for the holidays.

Cake Truffles

When we first opened our doors, we offered “Cake Balls” to our visitors. We loved the positive feedback and brought along these delights to expos, shows, and some of our favorite customers. The cake truffles proved to be the perfect size to scale for any event, and we happily complied. Covered in Ghiradelli chocolate, cake truffles always bring the smiles.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift. With this in mind, we have launched an extremely sweet introductory offer. Our hand made cake truffles, can be yours, for the amazingly attractive price of $5.00 for 6 truffles. Each set of six comes in at a whopping 210 grams (about half a pound) and they are addictive!

But wait, there’s more. =)

We love our bakery and have some exciting creations to share. We’ve been pulling baker’s hours and have some great ideas for gifts, parties, or even your own holiday table.

Petits Fours

Dream Day Cakes is your Holiday Bakery
Ready for the Gainesville Holiday Season

We love making these little yummies. Each petit four combines layers of our delicious cake, with layers of our hand made buttercream, ganache, jams, and other fillings. The petits fours are then covered in our famous fondant, Ghiradelli chocolate, or royal icing and given a light decorative touch. They not only taste great, they look great. Perfect for gifts or your next party, petits fours on your dessert table will certainly turn heads.


We don’t just bake cakes you know! Our holiday cookies are custom decorated and perfect for shipping to your family, co-workers, customers, or friends. From chocolate to icing, we decorate cookies to your desire and quantity. From chocolate chip to sugar cookies, we haven’t met a cookie we didn’t love to bake.

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Call us, or swing by the bakery, and let us know how we can help make your holiday season a little sweeter.

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