Coconut Wedding Cake

The title says it all— this wedding cake screamed coconut. An amazing (and beautiful) bride, she knew exactly what she wanted. Very creative (not to mention fun), she truly made working on her cake a great treat.

coconut wedding cake
Coconut Wedding Cake

Of course, this was a very big cake. This five (5) tiered wedding cake was completely covered in both our yummy fondant as well as coconut– a lot of coconut. A custom wedding cake topper from the bride really complemented the look and feel of the wedding.

Coconut Wedding Cake, Gainesville
Wedding Cake for Gainesville, FL

Love the topper. Loved the bride, too. =)

Wedding Cake Topper
Coconut Wedding Cake Topper

The cake truly matched the bride’s dress, and delivering this cake to her Gainesville area home was icing on the cake (well, fondant).

Thanks for reading, and please check out this bride’s amazing groom’s cake.

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