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Gold Giftbox Wedding Cake
Wedding cake: Gold gift-wrapped presents

We’re really putting our new mixer to the test! This weekend, we’re baking and preparing a fantastic wedding cake for a fun couple in South Florida. Sure, it’s a little drive from our Gainesville bakery, but “Have cake. Will travel.”

Speaking of wedding cakes, The Knot recently posted a great article about choosing a wedding cake baker. Our favorite question from their article:

Is the baker licensed by the state?

Sometimes this may seem like a silly or even ridiculous question… but there are people out there selling cakes without a state license. Although it is illegal in Florida to sell food without a license, there are many unlicensed “companies” doing it everyday. It’s important to make sure that you’re choosing a legally licensed bakery— after all, many venues won’t allow a cake into the reception hall unless the baker is licensed and insured.

Why choose a licensed baker?

There are many reasons to choose a licensed bakery to make your wedding cake. First of all, licensed bakeries are inspected for cleanliness, food safety, and adherence to food preparation standards and food code. Licensed bakeries carry liability insurance and will have no problem bringing their cakes into your reception venue.

Besides food safety and inspection, a licensed bakery provides you with piece of mind. Your wedding cake is no small matter. You have a lot riding on this, and choosing a reputable and established, real business assures that you will receive a quality product.

How can I tell if a bakery is licensed?

Blue White Wedding Cake
Blue and White Wedding Cake

Easy. Just ask and verify. In Florida, most bakeries are licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture. When you visit the bakery, ask them for a copy of their Food Permit or their license number. Generally the permit is posted inconspicuously in plain sight.

Remember, in Florida a valid food permit is required to sell food. Once you get the permit number, you can call the Department of Agriculture and verify their standing. If you’re ordering your wedding cake from a restaurant, their license is regulated by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

When selecting a wedding cake baker, watch out for the tell-tale signs of an unlicensed baker, such as:

  • Did they offer to meet you at a coffee shop or sandwich shop instead of their bakery?
  • When they call you, does their business name appear on Caller ID, or is it a cell phone?
  • Did they allow you to tour/inspect their facilities?
  • Were you able to to view their license?

Remember, not only can choosing a licensed bakery provide you a quality product, it can also protect both you and your venue from liability. Your wedding cake deserves that special attention and care that a licensed bakery provides. It only takes a few questions to verify your bakery, and you’ll be glad you did!

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  1. Thank you Yeni and Fred for rescuing me! I had initially chosen a baker I thought was real, and found out the WEEK BEFORE MY WEDDING!!!!!! I called Dream Day Cakes and was a wreck. I was hysterical and crying and having a meltdown. They saved me. They did my cake for me and the hotel approved them immediately. My family and guests loved the cake. I cant believe they made it for me so quickly and that it looked exactly like what i wanted. I was lucky and wish I chose them from the beginning. These are such good tips. Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jacqui B.

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