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It’s Wedding Cake Time

It’s the beginning of February, which means that it’s what so many people out there refer to as “wedding season.” Yes, we bake wedding cakes and if you’re reading this, you probably have a question or two.

We’re Dream Day Cakes. We’re here to help.

We are bakers.

Yeni Monroy
Cake Artist Yeni Monroy

Dream Day Cakes was started by cake artist Yeni Monroy after a disappointing experience with her own wedding cake. We love baking wedding cakes — but that’s not all we do.

Our specialty? Custom decorated cakes. We also bake amazing cookies, cupcakes, breads, and classic cakes. (In fact, our classic cakes are very competitively priced.)

We’re a small, local, and independently owned bakery in Gainesville, Florida that believes in producing an amazing product and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

We know our customers by name.

We return phone calls, promptly.

Wedding Vendors

Hand piped tree
Hand Piped Tree

Gainesville is a small town with a lot of weddings. There are many vendors, venues, and people in town that cater to the wedding needs of our community. As the customer, you have incredible power — the power of choice.

We try to work with all vendors and venues in the North Florida area (we’ve gone to South Florida and out of state as well, but that’s another story). Not all vendors are created equally and it’s important that you choose vendors that match your style, budget, and personality.

After all, this is your day. If your vendors don’t share your vision and passion, it’s time to move on.

Our advice is to choose a vendor that treats you professionally and values your business. At the end of the day, it’s great to make friends; but the bottom line is that you’re hiring this person to perform a service.

We recommend that you choose vendors who return your calls promptly, who have experience in the industry, who have clear rates, and who greet you with a smile. =)

Wedding Cakes

There are many choices for you in selecting your wedding cake. You can choose a home baker, a supermarket, or a licensed bakery. Each has it’s pros and cons. Making the decision relies solely on what fits your needs best.

Home Bakers

Wedding Cake Experience
Experience is important.

Home bakers generally offer you the cheapest solution (after all they should, since there’s no overhead).

Your cake will be prepared in their home, and baking is not generally their full-time career.

We recommend that you visit their home. If your home baker keeps a clean professional home, there shouldn’t be any problem with them showing you where your cake will be made.

We also recommend that you ask for references and inquire how many wedding cakes they have baked. Remember, experience is important. Someone who has made hundreds of cakes a year will have seen every possible problem.

Someone who makes a few cakes a month may not be ready to handle surprises that can pop up from time to time.

Supermarket Bakeries

Supermarkets today generally have an in-store bakery that will offer you wedding cakes at a low price. The cakes are most often frozen and not made locally. In North Florida, most of the Publix bakeries receive their frozen cakes from the Lakeland area.

Questions to ask the supermarket bakery would be: Who will be decorating your cake? Who will be delivering the cake? Who will be your contact person during before and on the day of your wedding?

With supermarkets, schedules and personnel change often. The decorators handling your order may not even be employed with the bakery when it comes time to prepare your cake.

The other consideration? Ingredients. This is a special cake — do you want a frozen wedding cake? Do you want a cake made from scratch? How about a cake made without high-fructose corn syrup and other chemicals?

Stand Alone, Licensed Bakery

This is the category that Dream Day Cakes falls into. Most licensed bakeries are family owned and independent local businesses that strongly support the community. The prices may be a little higher than the others, but that money generally reflects the quality of the ingredients in your product.

At Dream Day Cakes we know who will bake your cake, who will decorate it, and who will deliver it. When you call, we know you without an order number. We can list every ingredient, and you won’t see a sheet of chemicals you can’t pronounce.

Here’s a great video telling you a little more about our bakery and our passion:

The Bottom Line: It’s Your Wedding Cake

We would love the opportunity to talk with you about your wedding cake — but we’re not just about wedding cakes. We want to be your bakers for all of life’s events. That’s what we do — we love baking cakes.

For more information, please call us or request a cake quote. We’re looking forward to talking with you.

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