Georgia Uga Bulldog Cake

With our bakery firmly planted in Gainesville, Florida, we don’t get many requests for Georgia cakes. Of course, much like the Gator Nation, University of Georgia fans are all over the United States. Luckily for this custom cake, there’s even a few in our backyard. =)

Uga cake. Univeristy of Georgia Mascot Cake
Uga (Georgia Mascot)

Many Gator fans aren’t on a first name basis with the University of Georgia mascot — I didn’t even know he had a name. As with most of our custom cakes, we learn from our research… and low and behold, meet Uga (pronounced Uh-guh).

Georgia Bulldog Cake
Georgia Bulldog Cake

For this birthday cake, our bakery recreated Uga in cake. We wanted to keep our cake readily identifiable and tried to include details important for the English bulldog, such as his spiked collar, wrinkled face, and pushed in nose.

English Bulldog Cake
Eat me. I dare you.

This bulldog cake helped celebrate a birthday here in the Gainesville, Florida area. From the ears to the pearly whites, every detail on this cake was completely edible.

Bulldog Sculpted Cake
Look at those wrinkles. =)

Birthday cakes don’t need to be a flat, sheet style cake from your local supermarket. Instead of a frozen cake shipped to Gainesville, this birthday celebration enjoyed a freshly baked cake using the finest ingredients. Of course, this cake looked a little different than a supermarket cake, too. 😉

uga cake. birthday cakes for gainesville, fl.
Uga is an English Bulldog

Normally, we get requests for gators, UF colors, and your typical University of Florida themed cakes — after all, we bake cakes in Gainesville, Florida. Although this cake won’t change who we root for, we did love working on Uga.

Georgia Bulldogs Cake
Georgia Bulldogs Cake

Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I don’t know about that — days here at the bakery are very long, and it’s a lot of work. That being said, creating cakes like this Uga birthday cake put a big smile on our faces.

When we saw the reaction to receiving the cake, our smile grew even bigger. You know, Confucius was right.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Baker’s Blog. We are incredible grateful for your support and for allowing us to do what we love. For your next celebration, please remember that Cakes Do Come True at Dream Day Cakes®. =) =)

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  1. As a UGA graduate, I have to say this is spot on! I love the expression and colors. Congratulations on a job well done!

  2. I have been asked to do this cake for a groom and was wondering if you carved it or did you use a pan? Any help greatly appreciated.

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