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Gluten Free Wedding Cake

Have a gluten allergy and need a wedding cake? Thanks to Dream Day Cakes® (your local bakery in Gainesville, Florida), you can now have your gluten-free wedding cake and eat it, too!

gluten-free wedding cake
Gluten-Free Wedding Cake

Long gone are the days of cardboard tasting gluten-free baked goods. With today’s flours and bakers that have a scientific background, gluten-free cakes can be moist, delicious, and beautiful.

Edible gluten free fondant decorations
Our Fondant is Gluten-Free

Our fondant is regularly gluten-free. Combined with our gluten free cakes, your wedding day can now feature a beautiful (and gluten-free) wedding cake that both you and your guests can enjoy. =)

Wedding Cake that is Gluten Free
Wedding Cake sans Gluten. =)

We firmly believe that every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes® — even if that celebration requires… a gluten-free wedding cake. =) Our bakery in Gainesville, Florida custom makes all cakes from scratch and we’re always willing to discuss ingredients and dietary needs with our clients.

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