Great Cakes, Reasonable Prices

Publix charges more than 100 for a 6 inch square fondant cake
Save more than 25% on this cake.

At Dream Day Cakes, we don’t get into price wars. We feel our cakes are reasonably priced and provide an excellent value for the dollar. During tastings, we often tell our customers, “If you can find a better cake at a better price, get it.” We also used to say that if you’re just shopping for price, you can do no better than the Publix bakery.

Imagine our surprise when we beat Publix prices by more than 25%.

Our basic cake price starts at $6.00/portion and includes fondant and basic decoration. A six inch square cake with basic decoration would be $90.00. When we were stopping by the grocery store the other day, we saw a 6″ square cake from Publix for more than $100!

In our Gainesville, Florida bakery, we make all of our products from scratch. From fondant to buttercream, everything is made from raw ingredients and transformed into a great tasting product. Every cake we bake is a custom cake– we don’t have stock cakes and never freeze cakes or use frozen products.

We look forward to talking with you about how we can help celebrate your next event with one of our Dream Day Cakes. =)

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