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Green Lantern Cake

Green Lantern Cake
Green Lantern Cake

Groom’s cake for a groom who loves Green Lantern? Easy! Our bakery in Gainesville, Florida created this fun, Green Lantern fondant speciality cake.

The first step of any great custom cake? Research. Lots of research.

So, for those that do not know… you’ll notice we’re not saying the Green Lantern. That’s because Green Lantern is the name of several superheroes in the DC universe (fyi: Fred’s mostly a Marvel universe guy, so we had even more research on our hands for this cake).

Each Green Lantern has both a ring and a lantern (a green one), that provides the hero his powers.

So, what better way to celebrate the groom’s love of the comic than with his own, edible power ring and green lantern!

For this cake, we made the lantern entirely out of cake with two exceptions. The handle was fondant and the globes (each) concealed a true LED light (this lantern really worked).

Detail: Fondant Handle
Detail: Fondant Handle

Next to the lantern was, of course, a power ring.

Detail: Power RIng (green lantern cake)
Detail: Power RIng (green lantern cake)

The cake was served at the rehearsal dinner — which we think is the perfect time for a groom’s cake. We coordinated with the venue (the Gateway Grand here in Gainesville) to keep the cake a total surprise from the groom.

Green Lantern / Power Ring cake
Green Lantern / Power Ring

At Dream Day Cakes®, we love celebrating life’s events — after all every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes®. This celebration deserved a Green Lantern cake. =)

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