Halloween Cakes and Treats

Welcome to October… you know, that time when Gainesville, Florida finally gets some needed relief from the incredibly hot summer. With the beautiful fall weather comes some amazing Gainesville traditions. From Florida Gator football to Archer Road traffic, the tell-tale signs of fall surround us. Of course, come the end of October, all of Gainesville seems to embrace the Halloween Spirit.

Halloween Cake Pumpkin
Halloween Pumpkin Cake

From college parties to office parties, kids parties to school events, Dream Day Cakes® has it covered. Halloween remains that one holiday where it’s not just OK to eat sweets, it’s expected!

Halloween Cake Truffles
Spookily good.

Our Halloween Cake Truffles make a perfect treat for your event. Available in amazing flavors (such as Red Velvet, Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Raspberry, and more), cake truffles put a smile on your guest’s faces without breaking your budget.

Halloween Cakes make a perfect centerpiece and truly make a sweet treat for parties and events. Available in any design you can imagine, our cakes should generally be ordered at least 1 week before your event.

Halloween Cookies
Halloween Sugar Cookies

Halloween Sugar Cookies are a perfect dessert or (when bagged) a perfect take-home gift.

Whatever your event, Dream Day Cakes® has it covered!

As your local Gainesville bakery, our professional kitchen works non-stop to create some of North Florida’s best tasting goodies. For more information on how we can help with your next event, please call us at (352) 336-8955. If you’re in the Gainesville area, we’d love to see you at the bakery:

Dream Day Cakes®
6352 NW 18th Dr Ste 3
Gainesville Florida 32653
Tues—Fri 7:30am until 6pm
Saturdays and Sundays
by Appointment

Thank you for reading and we look forward to baking your Halloween special. 😉

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