Happy Thanksgiving (2010)

Autumn Cake
Thank you =)

Hi. I’m Fred Posner… you may know me better as that big guy standing behind the beautiful Yeni… or maybe that guy carrying the cake… or you may not know me at all. I’m Yeni’s husband, and each year I like to write a Thanksgiving message to my family and friends. Yeni and I thought this tradition needs to be extended to our new Dream Day Cakes family as well.

When Yeni and I decided to start Dream Day Cakes this year, it was not a simple or easy decision. First, we had to make sure that we were “good enough” to go professional. We also needed to find the perfect spot to open our bakery. Thanks to many years of savings, a great construction crew, and a lot of hard work, we witnessed the opening of Dream Day Cakes and made our passion a full-time job.

The simple fact is that without you, there’s no Dream Day Cakes. We are humbled and grateful for your patronage, support, and encouragement. We are honored each and every time you ask us to help with your celebration, and thankful for letting us help share those moments.

To be blunt, we love our job. This is our dream, and we cannot live our dream without you. On behalf of Yeni, me, and the rest of Dream Day Cakes, we wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. We thank you for your support and helping our dream come true.

With best regards,

Fred Posner
Dream Day Cakes

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