Harley Quinn Cake

Last weekend, we went to the fair ā€” Gainesville’s Hoggetowne Medieval Faire to be exact. šŸ˜‰ To help celebrate a birthday at this well attended event, our bakery created a custom fondant Harley Quinn cake.

Harley Quinn cake, custom fondant cake
Harley Quinn, in cake

For those not fully familiar with the DC Universe, Harley Quinn (or Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel) frequently dates The Joker and terrorizes the caped crusader, Batman. As her play-on-words name implies, Harley Quinn dresses in a jester/harlequin style ā€” making this cake perfectĀ for Gainesville’s medieval fair.

Harley Quinn Birthday Cake
Harley's Beautiful Smile

This cake helpedĀ surpriseĀ our birthday boy ā€” all he knew was that his family would be spending his birthday at the medieval festival. Here in Gainesville, the medieval fair is an annual tradition attracting a lot of families.

jester cake. Gainesville, Florida.
Custom Birthday Cake

We love surprises ā€” and love birthday cakes. =) Bringing this cake to the fairgrounds certainly made for one of our more unusual deliveries… we’ll just say the experience was a little unique. It’s not everyday we get escorted by knights.

Harley Quinn edible fondant cake
Have your cake and eat it, too.

All of our custom birthday cakes have their unique challenges. For this cake, the challenge was Harley’s unique jester style. Making her double pointed, motley style hat was a must ā€” how can you have a Harley Quinn cake without the hat?

edible jester hat
Harley's edible hat
Harley Quinn hat birthday cake
Jingle Bells included

The top of this birthday cake featured Harley Quinn, the bottom kept the colors and design, using a striped, motley look and feel.

motley birthday cake
Motley styling

Birthday cakes, especially when clients allow for some creativity, certainly help bring the celebration.

harleyquinn cake
Harley Quinn Birthday Cake
birthday cakes, gainesville florida
Gainesville Birthday Cakes

Thank you for reading! Whatever the reason to celebrate, every celebration deserves cake. For birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and any other cake, Dream Day CakesĀ® is here to help. Our family-owned bakery in Gainesville, Florida prides itself on clean, tasty cakes where you can both see and taste the difference.

custom fondant cakes
Custom Cakes in Gainesville

Cakes Do Come True at Dream Day CakesĀ®. Thanks again!

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  1. As an attendee of the birthday celebration at Gainesvilleā€™s Hoggetowne Medieval Faire I would like to thank Dream Day Cakes for their part in making this a wonderfully memorable occasion for our family. The cake was amazing! It was as delicious as it was beautiful, and the cookies and cream filling was yummy. The birthday boy was definitely surprised, and he absolutely loved the cake. It was a birthday he will never forget.

    And yes, our cake dreams did come true. Thank you again to everyone at Dream Day Cakes for such an amazing cake!

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