Hello Kitty 2nd Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake
Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

There’s something about Hello Kitty that really makes kids smile. To help celebrate this 2nd birthday, Dream Day Cakes created a fun (and pink) Hello Kitty 2nd Birthday Cake.

We used a real Hello Kitty doll and created the cake to match the color and theme of the cake.

For young cake eaters, we believe that sometime edible recreations can be disappointing. After all, a 2 year generally wants to grab that kitty and play with her. Something that simply isn’t possible with the sugar version.

For this cake, we procured a huge Hello Kitty doll and accented her with fun, bright sugar flowers. And when we say “accented” we mean “went to town.”

Sugar flowers are used as the tier borders as well as a platform for our kitty to sit upon. We used a two dimensional flower on the bottom tier to contrast the pink and white stripes of the cake.

A ribbon banner displayed the birthday girl’s name on the top tier, along with hearts in red, white, and pink.

Detail: Hello Kitty on Cake
Detail: Hello Kitty on Cake

Additional flowers bloomed from the top of the cake surrounding the Hello Kitty doll with color and florals.

At our licensed bakery in Gainesville, we love helping celebrate birthdays (of all ages). For this Hello Kitty 2nd Birthday Cake, we worked to created a fun, pink, and vibrant cake that family and friends could enjoy.

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