Hippodrome Season Opener

As a season sponsor of The Hippodrome, we wanted to do something unique for the opening night VIP party of the season’s first show. So, what to do? What to do? You know we had to capture the show in cake— a custom, fondant specialty cake (and that’s exactly what we did). =) =)

Hippodrome God of Carnage Fondant Specialty Cake
Fondant cake for The Hippodrome

The first show of the season, God of Carnage, takes place in an upscale New York City apartment where two sets of parents arrange a meeting to discuss the playground antics of their 11-year-old sons. What starts out as a calm and reasonable meeting of the minds turns into a hysterically revealing night of name-calling, tantrums and tears.

Yeni set out to capture the plot points and artistic design of the play— in cake.

God of Carnage cake
Final touches
Mobile phone, hamster in cake
Details (phone in vase)
Scenes from the play in cake
Minimalistic NYC apartment scenes
More details for The Hippodrome cake
Subtle use of colors
Scenes of play on cake tiers
Tiers move with the storyline
Playground scene
Bottom tier playground scene
additional details
More details from the bottom tier
Hand painted details
Hand painted details
Season Opener Cake
100 percent edible

We loved working on this cake for The Hippodrome’s season opener. Each tier of the cake featured a different scene (and flavor) for the guests to enjoy. All of the details/figures were completed by hand and were 100% edible. =)

Here’s to a great season at The Hippodrome! (and look forward to more Hippodrome cakes from your local Gainesville bakery— Dream Day Cakes®).


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