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How to Make Cake Truffles

Welcome friends — in today’s post, we’re going to teach you how to make our amazing cake truffles yourself! These treats always bring smiles and can make a fun project for the family to create together.

Cake truffles combine cake, buttercream, and chocolate to create a fantastic dessert. Perfect for parties, special events, holidays, and gifts, these cake balls couldn’t be easier for the DIY crowd.

Without further ado…

 Gather your Ingredients

To make cake truffles (or cake balls) you will need:

  1. Cake
  2. Buttercream / Frosting (we’ll call it buttercream)
  3. Chocolate Chips, Baking Chocolate, or Chocolate Melts
  4. Chocolate Melter or Microwave Safe Bowl
  5. Cutting Board or tray (we love the plastic boards)
  6. Food Safe Gloves
  7. Optional, but awesome: Fork, Parchment Paper, Scoop

 Let’s Get Started!

First thing first… take the cake and crumble like your life depended on it. 😉

This part is generally lots of fun for the kids. Our favorite way is to do this by hand.

Chocolate Cake Crumbs
Chocolate Cake Crumbs

The picture above shows chocolate cake, crumbled up and ready to get mixed with some buttercream. We’re going to be using a Tiramisu buttercream. Mmmm… chocolate tiramisu cake truffles… mmmmm…

Grab a mixing bowl:

Mixing Bowl
Mixing Bowl

Add buttercream:

Tiramisu Buttercream
Tiramisu Buttercream

Then add your cake crumbs:

Add Cake Crumbs to Buttercream
Add Cake Crumbs to Buttercream

How much should you add?
Depends. Honestly the answer depends on your taste. Our customers love a ratio of 65% cake to 35% buttercream.

Buttercream and Cake Crumbs
Buttercream and Cake Crumbs

Once you’ve added the cake crumbs, it’s time to start mixing. We do this by hand for several reasons.

First, we’re old school. Second, you get to truly feel the consistency. Third, it’s fast and easy.

You should use gloves for this. Let us say this again… you should use gloves.

The main reasons you would use gloves is for food safety. Although you’ve already washed your hands, there’s not going to be any additional cooking of the cake truffles. So, since you’re touching it… wear gloves. Also, it’s so much quicker to clean up when you can just take off the gloves and smile.

Mix together the buttercream and cake crumbs:

Let the mixing begin
Let the mixing begin!

Keep mixing together:

Mixing Cake Truffles
Mixing Cake Truffles

Until you get a good consistency:

cake truffle ready for forming

Ever heard the saying “measure twice, cut once?” The same goes with baking… taste twice… This is a great time to taste your mixture and make sure it’s the consistency you want and that the taste is to your desire.

Once you’ve made the mixture, it’s time to make some cake balls. To keep sizing equal, we use a scoop:

Scoop for Equal Sizing
Scoop for Equal Sizing

Scoop out some of the mixture:

Scoop the mixture...
Scoop the mixture…

Roll it into a ball:

Roll into a ball
Roll into a ball


Lather, Rinse, Repeat
Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Place the ball onto your board:

Cake Ball
Cake Ball

Repeat until you’ve used up all of the mixture.

Some people will tell you to freeze — not us. We do not believe in freezing cake. Instead, use the refrigerator and cool the cake balls for at least 30 minutes.

 Cake Truffles Need Chocolate

Once the cake balls have been chilled they are ready for chocolate. =)

Melt chocolate in your favorite manner… some like using a double boiler, some like a chocolate tempering machine, a fondue pot… or even a microwave (google melt chocolate in microwave).

Once you have your melted chocolate, it’s time to turn these cake balls into amazing cake truffles.

Place Cake Ball into the Chocolate
Place Cake Ball into the Chocolate

Having some great chocolate tools really makes this process easier. If you don’t have one of those amazing forks, you can try using a regular fork, toothpicks, etc.

Make sure the cake ball is completely covered in chocolate:

Cover Cake Truffle
Cover Cake Truffle

Completely Covered:

Completely coat in Chocolate
Completely coat in Chocolate

Once covered, remove from chocolate (shaking off excess):

Shake off excess chocolate
Shake off excess chocolate

Place onto parchment paper or a good tray:

Place Cake Truffle onto Parchment Paper
Place Truffle onto Parchment Paper

And wala!

Mmmmm.... Cake Truffles
Mmmmm…. Cake Truffles

This is the perfect time to decorate your truffles with sprinkles, drizzle, cake crumbs, or whatever you can think.

If you’re looking for tools, decorations, or more… don’t forget to give us a call. Dream Day Cakes not only makes amazing cakes (and cake truffles), we also sell cake tools and decorations. =)

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  1. I would like to know which chocolate you melt over your dark chocolate came truffles. Received a box as a gift last week and want to duplicate the fabulous chocolate and red cake. Thank you

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