Kayak Cake

Many people here in Gainesville, Florida love the outdoors. From hunting to running, water sports to biking, people in the Gainesville area love spending time out in the Florida sun. Now that being said, with our non-mountainous terrain, we don’t get a lot of white-water rafting/kayaking activities here. So, when we get the opportunity to create a white-water kayak themed birthday cake, we jump on it.

White Water Kayak Themed Birthday Cake
Kayak Cake

This cake featured our birthday boy seated in his kayak, hitting the rapids, and getting ready for an incredible run.

Kayak Birthday Cake in Fondant
Fondant River Kayak Cake

This cake contained edible, sugar art. From the white water rapids to the river rocks, the greenery to the kayak, everything on this cake could be eaten and enjoyed.

Birthday Boy Kayak cake in Gainesville, FL
The Birthday Boy
Kayak Cake, Fondant Kayak
Fondant Kayak, Paddle, more

Detail was the key to this cake– it wan’t the biggest cake, after all it only needed to feed 10 people. Of course, a small birthday cake can still be an amazingly awesome cake.

Kayak Birthday Cake
Small, fondant birthday cake
Fondant Kayak Birthday Cake
Ready for adventure

The cake was brought to a local restaurant here in Gainesville for a great birthday dinner. Of course, the birthday cake provided the evening’s dessert.

Gainesville Cake Bakery Kayak Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake

We love baking and decorating custom decorated cakes right in our Gainesville bakery. Covering our cakes in yummy fondant truly allows us to be creative and make truly unique cakes for celebrations.

For more information about Dream Day Cakes®, or to learn how we can help with your next event, please contact us through this website, call us at (352) 336-8955, or stop by our bakery, conveniently located in NW Gainesville at 6352 NW 18th Dr Ste 3.

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