Ladybug Birthday Cake

Sometimes we learn the backstory. Backstories let us know about the little things— little things with big meaning. This ladybug themed birthday cake helped celebrate a 10th birthday here in Gainesville, Florida. Ladybugs for a birthday cake? To understand you need to know the backstory. =)

ladybug themed birthday cake
Ladybug Birthday Cake

This cake featured (you guessed it) ladybugs from top to bottom. With adorable (and edible) motion paths, fun swirls, and fondant ladybugs, this Red Velvet cake almost needed a picnic basket for a cake stand. =)

birthday cake with ladybugs
Fondant Ladybugs

When we say all over the cake, we mean it.

ladybug cake top
Top view

We baked this cake to be eaten. The number, the ladybugs the swirls– everything. When our Gainesville bakery turns out a cake, we want it to be enjoyed.

cake ladybugs
Ladybugs with motion paths

The key to a birthday cake? It’s all about the person celebrating the birthday.

ladybug softball cake
Softball for the dotted I

Did all of the ladybugs make it to the cake? You’d have to visit the bakery to know for sure. =)

Lady bug cake topper
Cake topper (and ladybug)

Our favorite cakes are the personal ones.

custom fondant birthday cake
Fondant birthday cake

Thank you for reading! We love sharing these cakes with you, and would love for you to visit our bakery here in Gainesville, Florida.

As for the backstory on this cake? That one stays with the birthday girl. =)

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