Lilly Pulitzer Themed Cake

How do you help celebrate a birthday for a huge fan of Lilly Pulitzer? With a Lilly Pulitzer themed birthday cake of course. =)

Lilly Pulitzer themed birthday cake
Birthday Cake

The husband of our birthday girl called the bakery and described a surprise party he was throwing for his wife. Surprise parties can be tricky— and to do it right, you need to nail the details. This husband was on-the-ball, and described to us the perfect birthday cake for his wife.

Using her favorite Lilly Pulitzer dress, we worked with the design and created a Lilly Pulitzer themed birthday cake.

Lilly Pulitzer Dress Birthday Cake
Final touches

When finishing the cake in our Gainesville bakery, we knew it was missing something. As the mother of two beautiful girls (who wouldn’t be attending the party), we just had to bring them to the party!

Birthday Cake, Lily Pulitzer theme
Happy Birthday Mom!

Once the girls topped the cake with their “Happy Birthday Mom” banner, we knew the cake was ready for the party. How was the mom’s reaction? All smiles. Even better, she immediate recognized the theme and named the print.

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