Little Man Baby Shower Cake

There’s many reasons why we love having a local bakery here in Gainesville. Top of the list? Long term relationships. Take for example our recent baby shower cake (aka Little Man Baby Shower Cake):

Baby Shower Cake, Gainesville Florida
Baby Shower Cake

This expectant mom is no stranger to our bakery. We really got to know this customer while planning her wedding cake. From engagement parties to cake truffle surprises, Dream Day Cakes® has been there to help celebrate.

Little Man cake
Little Man Cake

She’s more than a customer — she’s become part of our family. When we found out about her need of a baby shower cake, we not only were honored to help; we were excited to see the family grow.

baby shower cake flags
Name in Flags

The baby shower cake featured edible flags, the “little man,” onsies, and more — matching the shower’s theme.

baby shower cakes
Flags, Onsies

Helping celebrate is what we do best. From wedding cakes to baby shower cakes — think of Dream Day Cakes® as your family’s bakery.

Baby Shower Flags
Edible Flag Banner

Thank you for your continued support and allowing us to help celebrate life’s events. Remember, Cakes Do Come True at Dream Day Cakes®.

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