GatorTec Mac Mini Cake

mac mini cake
Mac Mini cake ready for transport

GatorTec provides Gainesville, Florida with amazing technical support, education, and service. They aren’t just a computer store… they are Gainesville’s best tech store. Specializing in  Technology, Education, and Creativity, GatorTec also provides customers with a local Apple shop. They are the local experts in all things Apple.

Dream Day Cakes was honored to create GatorTec a custom specialty cake for their grand opening in the Town of Tioga Center. For the opening, we chose to replicate a Mac Mini… and it just went from there. The main cake, the Mac Mini, is 10 inches square– actually larger than the actual computer.

Final touches to the apple mac mini cake
Yeni adding those final touches

Seated atop the mini is a 6 inch round cake. The cake simulates the aluminum finish of a mac and features both logos identified with GatorTec; the gator laptop as well as the orange power G. A fondant keyboard, apple remote, and ipad cable complete the cake.

apple mac cake with usb ports, ethernet, and more
Better plug in your monitor and iphone
apple keyboard cake
Definitely need the external keyboard.
apple remote
The remote, great for presentations... or a snack.
included usb cable
Included USB cable-- it's a mac. =)
Power light mac mini
The power light-- your mac mini cake is on.
Easy  to connect to your ipad cake
Connect your iphone or ipad cakes
GatorTec Grand Opening Cake
On display at GatorTec
stereo plug
Plug your headset here
gatortec gator laptop logo
We love the GatorTec logos
Power logo
The G fit perfectly
More on display
Another display shot
GatorTec grand opening Town of Tioga
GatorTec Logos

All of the mac mini parts and pieces were edible. From the Apple keyboard to the mac mini remote, this cake was built to be eaten and enjoyed. If you’re in the Gainesville, Florida area, head over to GatorTec in the Town of Tioga. Great store, great people, and great customer service.

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