Mahi Mahi Groom’s Cake

Welcome to Florida, where fishing isn’t a hobby— it’s part of life. Our beautiful bride loves fishing with her groom, and knew the absolutely perfect way to share this love of fishing; a Mahi Mahi Groom’s cake.

Mahi Mahi Grooms Cake, Gainesville
Mahi Mahi Cake

We love making custom, sculpted cakes in our bakery. Located in Gainesville, Florida, we get a good amount of fish cakes— we’ve even had a lobster or two. This was our first Mahi Mahi cake, and was just a blast to create.

Mahi Mahi Cake, Gainesville Florida
Caught fresh in Gainesville
Grooms cake, Mahi Mahi fish cake
Full View

This cake needed a fish-eye lens just to get the full length of the cake– she was a big cake! =) =)

As always, thanks for reading!

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