Naked Wedding Cake

Naked Wedding Cake
Naked Wedding Cake

Our bakery is located in Gainesville, Florida — dab in the heart of North Central Florida. This makes naked wedding cakes an interesting conundrum. One that we recently addressed for a wedding in Golden Ocala.

You see, North Central Florida combines high humidity and heat for most of the year. A naked cake exposed to such elements can succumb to the forces of nature and become very dry.

One of the ways we combat the high humidity and heat is with fondant. So, what happens when a bride and groom truly want the look of a naked wedding cake?

We get creative.

For this wedding, we luckily had a groom who loved brownies. Brownies are much more resistant and would make a perfect chocolate naked wedding cake.

The photos of this cake were taken by Russell Martin with Russell Martin Photography. Russell is a great photographer and we’re very lucky to have had him help us out with these photos.

Golden Ocala wedding Cake
Naked Wedding Cake, Ocala

As we like to say, every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes. For this take on a naked wedding cake, we used brownies, of set by a rustic buttercream. We love working with couples in North Central Florida to create their Dream Day Cake.

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