Nintendo NES Cake

Sure, at Dream Day Cakes® we get to bake some pretty fantastic wedding cakes for the Gainesville, FL area. The real fun? When we get a creative bride that wants a wedding cake and a fun, personal groom’s cake. =)

Nintendo NES cake. Groom's cake in Gainesville, FL.
Nintendo Cake

The Nintendo NES (or Nintendo Entertainment System) entered this world in 1985— becoming the hottest thing since Cindy Crawford. Not only did the NES bring Super Mario Brothers to the masses, it also helped incredible graphics to the home market. Sure, it’s nothing compared to the game systems of today… but for the time, the NES certainly made for a sweet afternoon.

Nintendo Entertainment System Cake
NES Cake

Of course, sculpting a NES out of our cakes… now there’s a (and it hurts me to write this)… there’s a game console you can truly sink your teeth into.

NES game controller cake
NES game controller cake

The NES game controller plugged firmly into the console– just like with our edible version above.

Controller cake
NES system cake

Wedding cakes and groom’s cakes truly allow us to help celebrate the best of two worlds. From our bakery in Gainesville, FL, we believe that cakes do come true at Dream Day Cakes®.

We invite you to visit our bakery and taste the difference. If you’re in the Gainesville area, please stop by or call to schedule an appointment.

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