Redfish Cake for Florida Wedding

Florida knows a thing or two about fishing, after all, we’re lucky to have hundreds of miles of beautiful ocean coastline. While bachelor parties for most of the country involve trips to Vegas, the boys from Old Florida often find themselves loading the boat with beer and heading out to sea. When a Florida boy finds a bride who respects his love of fishing— well, simply said: She’s a keeper!

Redfish cake, Florida wedding
Redfish cake

This groom’s Redfish cake featured a sculpted cake, with completely edible fins, tail, and fish parts. =)

realistic redfish cake, gainesville florida
Realistic Redfish features

Redfish have the reputation of putting up a great fight. Because of this, when their redish fins are spotted, smiles immediately follow.

Redfish cake in Gainesville
Fondant fins, tail, and more
Cedar Key, Florida - best Redfish fishing in Florida
Distinctive marks
sometimes with black spots
Redfish themed cake

We made this cake for a fun couple’s Gainesville, Florida wedding. With Cedar Key and St. Augustine being amazing destinations for Redfish fishing, our bride chose the perfect fish for the Groom’s cake.

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